What Types of Scrap Metal Can Be Recycled

recycled scrap metal

Scrap metal recycling helps you create more space for other items on your property and allows you to make extra cash. If you have metallic items lying around, find a recycling center to determine whether they’re recyclable and make some money off them. Sikora Metals in Detroit, MI, is a reputable scrap metal recycler that…

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3 Tips for Sorting Your Scrap Metal

sorting your scrap metal

Effectively sorting your scrap metal before turning it in makes the entire recycling process easier. It provides a clear picture of what you have, giving you the information needed to get the best return on your investment. Recycling partners like Sikora Metals provide many resources to help with your sort, including pick-up and unloading services. Here…

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The Advantages of Scrap Yards for Commercial Clients

scrap yards for commercial clients

Scrap yards play a significant role in the commercial recycling industry by providing a centralized location for handling and processing scrap materials. At Sikora Metals, we collect and process various items, including structural steel, aluminum, and copper. We offer many services that make responsible waste management more convenient for individuals and companies. Here are six advantages…

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4 Things To Know About Scrap Metal

scrap metals

Scrap metal is material that is unused or discarded at the perceived end of its service life. This metal can be recycled and repurposed into new products. Individuals and businesses with access to scrap materials can receive financial compensation from recycling companies like Sikora Metals. Here is more information about recycling unused metal: 1. How…

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Understanding the Differences Between Foundry Grade vs Mill Grade Busheling

Foundry grade vs Mill grade

Defining and sorting various grades of metal can efficiently process material. Busheling is a high-quality grade of scrap steel known for being clean and contaminant-free. Busheling can be further divided into foundry grade and mill grade. Sikora Metals offers commercial scrap recycling for various grades of scrap metal, including foundry-grade and mill-grade busheling. What Is…

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What Items Do Scrap Yard Dealers Take?

scrap yard items

At Sikora Metals, our scrap yard takes several different items in various metal forms. We accept ferrous metals, aluminum, copper, breakage, and some other non-ferrous metals. Here are some of the categories and the items within them that you can bring to a scrap yard: Ferrous Metals Ferrous metals typically contain iron. Common examples of…

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Spring 2022 Pricing Update

The weather is slowly warming up and we are getting busier and busier at Sikora Metals every week, but unfortunately there is some bad news about Scrap Metal pricing over the next few months. As of today we have dropped our Sheet Iron price $20 to $240/ton, and we expect steel prices to drop even…

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Spring cleaning season is here, turn your scrap into cash

The weather is warming up and scrap prices have been on the rise as well. If you are doing any projects around the house this season, or even just cleaning out your garage, there are all kinds of things you can bring to the scrapyard to generate some cash. One of the most popular material…

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Historic Scrap Metal price increase expected for December

  With mills scrambling to fill low scrap levels, the scrap metal market is looking at a price increase of $70 across the board on all types of steel. This huge move is something that has not been seen since 2008. Detroit entered the market with a $70 per ton increase. While the market has…

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2020 Election, What will be the Impact on the Scrap Market?

Well, If we could predict what will happen, I am sure we would be hanging out in Vegas much more! With everything that has transpired over the last four years, this election is more important than ever and everybody is feeling it. On a percentage basis, the voter turnout will likely be one of the…

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