What Items Do Scrap Yard Dealers Take?

At Sikora Metals, our scrap yard takes several different items in various metal forms. We accept ferrous metals, aluminum, copper, breakage, and some other non-ferrous metals. Here are some of the categories and the items within them that you can bring to a scrap yard:

Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals typically contain iron. Common examples of ferrous metals include steel and iron. Ferrous metals can be used to create a wide variety of items. Some of these items include old appliances like washing machines and refrigerators, steel beams, and car parts. These types of metals are generally highly recyclable. Recycling and re-processing these metals requires a significantly reduced amount of energy compared to producing new steel. When preparing ferrous metals for the scrap yard, we separate them from non-ferrous metals. This helps us make sure we effectively recycle the metal and increase the value of the materials.


Aluminum is a lightweight and corrosion-resistant metal widely used across various applications. Scrap dealers are usually on the lookout for aluminum items due to their high recycling value. Everyday items that fall into this category include beverage cans, window frames, and parts of automobiles like wheels. We also accept aluminum siding and radiators. Recycling aluminum helps conserve resources and uses less energy than producing new aluminum from raw materials.


Copper is a highly sought-after non-ferrous metal in the scrap industry. This is because of its conductivity and versatility. Copper also contains no iron, making it resistant to rust. Our scrap yard accepts various copper items, including wiring, pipes, and components from electronics. Different grades of copper may have varying values, with clean, unalloyed copper typically offering a higher price. Recycling your used copper materials helps conserve natural resources. It also helps reduce the environmental impact of mining and refining new copper.


Breakage is a scrap category that encompasses various metals and alloys that may not fit neatly into the ferrous or non-ferrous categories. This includes items like aluminum breakage, electric motors, alternators, and starters. Items such as pipes, plumbing fixtures, and even old batteries may also fall into this category. When dealing with breakage materials, we suggest that hazardous components like lead-acid batteries are properly handled and disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations. Proper sorting and preparation of breakage items can contribute to a more efficient recycling process.

Other Non-Ferrous Metals

Beyond aluminum and copper, there are several other non-ferrous metals scrap yard dealers accept. These include metals such as lead, batteries, and stainless steel. Items like faucets, transmissions, and kitchenware often contain these metals and can be recycled at scrap yards. Separating non-ferrous items from ferrous materials can streamline the recycling process. This helps make sure that each metal type is recycled most efficiently. Recycling these non-ferrous metals helps conserve resources while reducing the environmental impact of mining and extraction processes.

Selling Your Scrap

You must have a few required items to sell one or more of these types of scrap materials at Sikora Metals. These items include a valid, state-issued form of identification and a vehicle with a valid license plate. We also require our customers to sign a form declaring that they are authorized to sell their specific metal, and we ask for a thumbprint. Our scrap yard accepts customers on a first-come, first-served basis. We also provide off-site scrap metal pick-up for larger commercial projects.

Once you have completed the authorization process, you have the option to clean your metal on-site. You can clean, disassemble, and sort your metal products on our property to help make sure you get the most out of your scraps. Our team can help you unload your vehicle with our crane, forklift, or front-end loaders. The payment amount you’ll receive for your scrap varies depending on the type and amount of metal you provide. You can explore our prices per pound of scrap on our website.

Choose Sikora Metals as Your Scrap Yard

At Sikora Metals, we accept a wide variety of materials. We can take ferrous, non-ferrous, aluminum, copper, and breakage scraps. Understanding the categories of metals we deal with can help you make the most of your recycling efforts. If you have questions about the type of metal you have and which category it belongs in, you can contact us. We can help determine what type it is and inform you of its worth.

Recycling at a scrap yard helps contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Whether you are disposing of old appliances, aluminum cans, copper pipes, breakage items, or other non-ferrous metals, we ask that you remember to prepare your materials by separating them into their designated categories. You can also clean and disassemble your metal scrap pieces on-site during your visit to our yard. Contact us today for more information about the items we accept and our current scrap prices.