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Blog & Coronavirus Updates

Historic Scrap Metal price increase expected for December

  With mills scrambling to fill low scrap levels, the scrap metal market is looking at a price increase of $70 across the board on all types of steel. This huge move is something that has not been seen since 2008. Detroit entered the market with a $70 per ton increase. While the market has…

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2020 Election, What will be the Impact on the Scrap Market?

Well, If we could predict what will happen, I am sure we would be hanging out in Vegas much more! With everything that has transpired over the last four years, this election is more important than ever and everybody is feeling it. On a percentage basis, the voter turnout will likely be one of the…

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Coronovirus Update

      We are currently open and taking appointments for Non-Ferrous scrap. While the supply for scrap remains low, the price being paid for scrap has not been able to strengthen. We are all in a wait and see mode as the all-important date of May 1st gets closer. That date seems to be…

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Bullish Sentiment for Copper in 2020

Numerous big name investment banks have come out positive for copper in 2020. According to an article on, several big name financial institutions are looking for copper to be one of the stronger commodities in 2020. Jefferies is the most bullish but Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citi and Bank of America all are positive…

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Ho-Hum November for Scrap Prices

Scrap dealers got a little good news as the negative price trend for scrap prices ended as November brought a $20 per ton increase for most steel prices. This increase came at a much needed time as many in the scrap industry were questioning if and when the bearish sentiment would change. While this small…

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Same Old, Same old

As we approach November, any hopes for a big change in market sentiment appears to be out of the question. On the global stage, markets are weak and at home, the continued trade war with China does not appear to have any end in sight. Add a glut of scrap inventory and mill shutdowns, the…

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Scrap Metal Market Continues to Show Weakness

With no real catalyst to drive prices higher, the scrap metal market continues it downward spiral with no clear end in sight. Inventories remain high, uncertainty with regard to the US-China trade war remains and global slowness persists. While there appears to be some movement with regard to trade talks between the US and China,…

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Nickel Prices Continue to Rise Adding to Price Movement in Stainless Steel

  Nickel prices continue to rise and have reached a 5-year high. With a potential ban on Nickel exports from Indonesia, the world’s top nickel ore producer, nickel prices continue to soar and have reached a significant resistance level, just over $8. With such a meteoric rise in 2019, we can expect a likely pullback…

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Has the Scrap Metal Market Reached a Bottom?

Prices are poised for an August Increase After several months of negative price movement, it appears as though the scrap metal market may have reached a bottom and we may see a price increase for August. While economic softness appears to be taking place in the United States along with a continued global economic slowdown,…

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