Spring cleaning season is here, turn your scrap into cash

The weather is warming up and scrap prices have been on the rise as well. If you are doing any projects around the house this season, or even just cleaning out your garage, there are all kinds of things you can bring to the scrapyard to generate some cash.

One of the most popular material we see in the summertime is Aluminum Siding and Gutters. If you are replacing your siding and gutters, or tearing down an aluminum awning, bringing your old material to the scrapyard can add up to a nice payday rather quickly. Our current price for Aluminum Siding is 70 cents per lb.

Another popular thing to replace this time of year is Air Conditioning units. Before bringing them to our yard the compressor must be removed and the best way to maximize value is to tear the unit down and sort the material. In an A/C unit you will find steel, copper, insulated copper wire, aluminum/copper radiators and electric motors.

There are all sorts of things in your garage you may be considering replacing that you can turn into cash as well. Lawnmowers, Grills, Bikes and Scooters are just some of the common items we recycle at our facility. Bring us your old one to help offset the cost of the new one!

If you don’t have the means to deliver your material directly to us, give us a call and we will set you up with one of our regular customers to help get you cleaned up and ready for summer