Scrap Metal Recycling Mistakes to Avoid

Selling scrap metal is a fun way to dispose of belongings that you no longer need while also making money. You can make your trip easier and more profitable by avoiding the following mistakes.

Not Knowing Your Metal

You will have an easier time selling your scrap metal if you know the exact types of metal you have, as well as their grades. If you know the type of metal and its grade, you know how much you will be able to sell your scrap metal for.

You will also earn more money if you separate your scrap metal. Since you are paid different prices for each different kind, you can be compensated for each type of metal when you separate them by type and grade.

Not Preparing Your Metal
Clean your scrap metal before bringing it to the scrapyard. Remove non-metallic materials, such as rubber. You will receive more money if you disassemble your vehicle rather than simply dropping the item off while it is still intact. Do not include trash that isn’t recyclable.

Not Staying Organized
To simplify the metal recycling process, you should pack your vehicle in a way that makes unloading scrap metal easier. You are better off loading your scrap metal onto the back of a truck so that you can back up and easily unload everything. Also, by keeping everything organized, you are less likely to lose any of the parts you wish to sell.
Not Wearing Protective Equipment
Moving scrap metal can be tough work. Wear personal protective equipment throughout the process. For instance, wear steel-toed boots to protect your feet from falling metal parts. You should also wear workers gloves to protect your hands from cuts and sharp metal edges.Not Tying Everything Down
Make sure that everything you are transporting to the scrapyard is safely tied down. You don’t want any of your metal to be lost by falling off the roof and potentially placing other drivers at risk. Place a bright cloth over any metal hanging off the edge of your truck. 
Double-check that everything is secure. Also, be aware of the height clearance so that your scrap will not collide with an overhead pass, potentially damaging the scrap metal or knocking it onto the road.

Overloading Your Truck
Scrap metal can be heavy, so make sure that your truck is prepared to haul such a weight. Know the weight of your vehicle and add it to the weight of your scrap haul to make sure you do not place too much strain on your engine. The maximum gross vehicle weight not only factors in the cargo but also the passengers.

Not Checking Scrap Metal Prices

The value of scrap metal can change daily as the supply and demand fluctuate. You should call your local scrapyard to find out how much each type of metal is worth to determine if it is worth making the trip today or waiting. Fortunately, there are several websites that keep updates on current scrap metal prices.

Not Calling Beforehand

Call us before you bring in your scrap metal. There are certain materials that we do not accept including:

  • Public property
  • Materials containing asbestos
  • Appliances that contain refrigerants
  • Shell casings
  • Burnt copper wires
  • Copper wire from a utility company
You may sell a water and electric meter, but only with written permission from a utility company. If you are not entirely sure about what you should bring to a scrapyard, give us a call at Sikora Metals. We are viewed as one of the most innovative recyclers in the region and will take your scrap metal off your hands.