March 2017 Price Update

We are surprised to report that steel  prices are still on the rise this winter! We have raised the price on our scale to $140/ton, another $20 increase from last month. Demand for steel surprised us this month and kept the price moving up. We do not think it will go up anymore over the next few months but we also don’t see it dropping of these levels anytime soon. It looks like this is gonna be a great spring for scrappers!
Non Ferrous metals are also still showing strength, with no metal prices dropping from their highs. Copper prices have gone up about a dime since last month, with #2 Copper sitting at $1.85 on our scale. Aluminum and Stainless have stayed flat since last month but the current prices are about as high as can be expected. We expect these prices to stay flat for this month as well, with no big changes coming.