How to get the most money for your scrap

Keys to maximizing your scrap value

With the current market environment, scrap prices have been slowly dropping. Over the last few months, the price of scrap has continued to fall. While most scrap dealers have been waiting for some stabilization in the market, there are reasons for some hope that things have leveled off and may look to rebound into March. With a pickup in some orders overseas, talk about a possible US-China trade agreement, weather conditions across the US, and an uptick in other commodities, March may well be the month that scrap prices start to see some new life.

So, the question remains, what is the best way to get the most for your scrap during the current uncertainty in the market? Prices for scrap are all over the price throughout the US and that is no different here in Detroit. The price for scrap can range from 130NT to 100NT just in the city alone. With the difference in prices significant, it is suggested that anyone looking to sell scrap call around and find out how much each yard is paying for scrap. Here at Sikora Metals, we are consistently on the high end and our doing what we can to get our customers the best price possible. We would also suggest looking at the Iscrap phone app as that gives prices for various yards in the area. While the prices may not be updated daily, it should be able to provide some idea on what the current prices look like.

For our current prices, please call us at 313-366-6311.