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Blog & Coronavirus Updates

Sikora Metals offers new Rewards Program to its Customers

New Reward Program just in time for the Holidays Beginning December 1 and just in time for the holidays, Sikora Metals (THE scrap metal yard in Detroit) started a new rewards program for our customers. It’s pretty simple. Bring in $50 or more in scrap and you will receive a Sikora Stamp on the Rewards…

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Aluminum scrap exports surge in October

Aluminum scrap exports hit 4-year high While the United States and China engage in a trade war that seems to have no immediate end in sight, the scrap metal market is in a wait and see mode for some kind of direction.  However, while the trade war continues, October produced some significant aluminum scrap export…

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Top reasons to separate your scrap before you head to a scrap yard

Separate your scrap before you get to the scrap yard Those that make a living scrapping know that getting the most out of their scrap is the only way to be successful in the scrap business.  That is why it is important to come to the scrap yard with the scrap separated into ferrous and…

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The top 5 most valuable scrap metals

Looking to make money from scrap metals?  Look for these top 5. The scrap metal business allows for an instant payday.  To get the most bang for your buck, those that choose to scrap for a living should look for these top 5 metals.   While ferrous metals like steel are in abundance and easy to find,…

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Is the price of aluminum ready to rebound?

Aluminum spot prices are at a crucial level With aluminum warehouse levels sitting at ten-year lows and aluminum spot prices negative for the year, the end of year positioning for aluminum pricing is taking hold. While world trade issues may not become clear for some time and remain an issue, an expected move in aluminum…

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Trump-XI meeting at the G20, all about nothing?

Highly anticipated meeting between the two leaders, will it matter? The much-anticipated meeting between President Trump and China leader Xi Jinping at the G20 this weekend in Argentina has been looked at for clarity regarding trade. The hopes of a significant trade agreement between the two global leaders is likely too optimistic but the fact…

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Aluminum Spot Prices Remain Negative For the Year

One Year Aluminum Price Chart, Technically Speaking. After trading above 1.00 at the beginning of the year, the price of aluminum has bounced off the .90 level several times this year.  However, in October, the price of aluminum dropped and broke through the solid support of .90 and has been trading below that number ever…

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3 Factors That Determine the Value of Your Scrap Metal

If you are considering selling scrap metal for money or you just got started, you may wonder how the prices in this industry work. While many factors go into determining the value of scrap, to get the most from your scrap metal, work with a reputable recycler who will pay you what your metal is…

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Prep Steps Before You Scrap Your Car

Your car is on its last legs — or rather, last wheels. The cost to maintain it is getting too high, it breaks down often, or maybe it just isn’t reliable. While a newer (or, at the very least, working) car is something that you can easily sell, a vehicle that’s barely able to move…

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Scrap Metal Recycling Mistakes to Avoid

Selling scrap metal is a fun way to dispose of belongings that you no longer need while also making money. You can make your trip easier and more profitable by avoiding the following mistakes. Not Knowing Your Metal You will have an easier time selling your scrap metal if you know the exact types of…

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