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Spring Cleaning

It’s later than we’d like, but it looks like Spring may finally be coming to Metro Detroit. Hopefully we can start putting away the winter clothes, snow shovels, and ice scrapers and start getting ready for some warmer weather. Another wonderful thing about spring is all the scrap that starts showing up on the curbs as people start to do their spring cleaning.

Lawn and Garden tools are commonly found on curbsides this time of year and just about all of them have some scrap value. Most handheld garden tools are made of metal. Rakes, Shovels and other items are typically steel once removed from the handle. Lawnmowers, Edgers, and Weed Whips all have scrap value. You can bring them in whole or tear them down if some of the parts are non-ferrous metal and you want to upgrade the value. You will also find a lot of parts off of lawnmowers for sale on the internet, wheels in particular.

Another thing you will find on curbsides this time of year is patio furniture. A lot of patio chairs and tables are made of aluminum, but even if they are steel you might as well add them to your load. Be sure to remove all glass, plastic or other contamination to get the best possible price. Barbecue Grills also tend to go from the patio to the curbside this time of year. You will typically find aluminum, brass, and steel on a grill. Also later in the season people may need to replace air conditioner units. Check out our post on recycling A/C units.

Date: 03.29.2013