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September Price Update

We hope everybody had a great Labor Day weekend is enjoying these last few weeks of warm weather. We have a price update for you as we head into the fall months, and the outlook is not too bright.

Steel prices are going down this month, and will likely be going down again next month. We have not dropped our price yet, but expect to see lower prices for ferrous metals on Monday. There is a good chance prices will bounce back early next year after the cold weather slows the flow of material into scrapyards, but for the next few months expect prices to decline.

Non-Ferrous metal prices are also taking a hit our prices at the scale will likely be dropping over the next few weeks on items like Aluminum, Copper, Brass and Stainless Steel. If you have been stockpiling these items we suggest you sell them as soon as possible, and to keep selling them as you get them throughout the fall.

Nobody likes falling prices, but with lower scrap values and the cold weather coming, hopefully there won’t be as many people hitting the curbs and you can get more material to balance it out. Stay tuned to our blog and facebook page and we will update you when we feel like prices are ready to bounce back.

Date: 09.06.2013