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Scrap Guide #6 Automotive Scrap


Automotive scrap has always been one of the most commonly recycled materials. Whether you own a body shop, are junking an old vehicle, or getting a few parts replaced, recycling your junk parts can put some extra cash in your pocket while also preserving the environment.

Whole vehicles can be brought to the scrapyard with a title. All fuel and fluids must be drained for the vehicle to be accepted. Weight deductions may be taken for seats, tires, upholstery, and windows if they have not been removed.

Larger parts of vehicles, such as front end clips, truck beds, and half vehicles can be brought to the scrapyard with paperwork from the body shop they came from, or some sort of proof that you have the right to sell the material. When bringing pieces like this to be recycled, it is best to call first so we can verify that the paperwork you have will suffice.

Individual car parts do not require paperwork, and there is a large variety we accept. Steel parts, such as doors, hoods, axles, and fenders can all be unloaded at our steel pile. Cast iron drums and rotors will be graded as auto cast, and most of the time are worth a slight premium over sheet iron.

There are also several aluminum parts of a vehicle that can be sold at our facility. Aluminum radiators and wheels are two of the most common aluminum car parts we purchase. There are also several parts of a car that are made of cast aluminum, but it is important to remember that pieces that have a high amount of steel contamination will be bought as breakage. Cylinder heads are an excellent example of a cast aluminum piece that you may want to clean. Sold as is, these pieces will be breakage. If you take the time to remove all the pistons and springs, what’s left will be upgraded to cast aluminum.

There are several parts of a car that contain cast aluminum that typically are not worthwhile to clean. Transmissions are bought by the piece at our yard and are worth more when sold as is than when disassembled. Alternators and starters are typically worth slightly more than breakage. A/C pumps will be bought as breakage.

Engines are also worth money at the scrapyard. Steel block engines are to be unloaded at our steel pile and will be paid at the sheet iron price. Aluminum block engines will be bought as breakage.
Harness wire can also be sold at the scrapyard. If you decide to remove all the jackets, attachments and plugs, it will be bought as #2 insulated copper wire. Without removing those items, the harness wire can still be sold at our christmas lights price.

Junk ehicles ready to be recycled
Older radiators will be made of Copper and Brass and are worth more than Aluminum Radiators. If all steel and hoses are removed, they will be bought at our clean auto radiator price. With steel and hoses still attached they will be graded as dirty auto radiators. Heater Cores also contain brass and copper and they will be purchased as yellow brass.

Even if your vehicle can’t get you where you want to go, there is still some value to it. You can always check what we are paying for auto parts and all metals by visiting our price list on the iscrap app.

Date: 03.08.2012