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Scrap Guide #5- Freon Bearing Appliances


Freon(or CFC’s) is an organic compound commonly used as a refrigerant. Freon is very harmful to the O-zone and the environment and it is important that all CFC’s are properly reclaimed from all material before they are brought to the scrapyard. Freon bearing appliances include refrigerators, deep freezers, air conditioning units, and pop vending machines. While we accept all of these items as scrap at our yard, all Freon must first be reclaimed from such appliances and it must either be tagged by the technician who reclaimed the refrigerant or have the compressor removed so we can verify all the lines are empty. Once the compressor is removed, both the appliance and the compressor can be sold as sheet iron.

Scrap Compressors
Freon is to be reclaimed by a certified technician, not vented. Venting refers to simply cutting the copper lines and allowing the refrigerant to escape into the atmosphere. This is both illegal and harmful to the environment. When Freon is reclaimed by a certified technician they will either recycle it, or properly dispose of it, so no harm is done to the atmosphere. Most heating and cooling companies and appliance stores will have a certified technician on staff to reclaim Freon from your appliances before bringing them to our yard to be recycled.

Date: 03.05.2012