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Scrap Automobiles

Sikora Metals is now licensed to scrap vehicles. In order to scrap a car you must bring the title and remove the gas tank. When you get to the yard you will weigh the vehicle on the steel scale and be paid for it by the pound. The price will typically be slightly below our Sheet Iron price. Weight deductions may be taken for Tires, Seats, and other contamination.

Keep in mind there are some parts you may want to remove from the vehicle before bringing it to the yard so you can get a better price per pound for them. Items like Batteries, Aluminum Wheels, Transmissions, Alternators, Starters, and Radiators are some examples of Non-Ferrous Material that can be sold in the metal shop for a better price. You can read more about automotive scrap in our Automotive Scrap Guide .

Date: 09.03.2014