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The Best Resources for Scrappers

We hope you find the updates here on our blog and our facebook page to be useful and informative. However, this is the information age and there are countless other sites and publications that have valuable information about scrap metal recycling.

The iScrap app is one you have probably seen us refer to quite a bit. It not only allows you to see our price list in real time, they also have explanations of the various grades of materials on their website. Their website also includes a forum in where you can ask questions and have them answered by other scrappers and scrapyards.

Another great forum to check out is the Scrap Metal Forum. This is a very active forum with a lot of information on topics ranging from how to clean and sort material, to how to start and advertise a scrap hauling business. Experienced scrappers and scrapyards frequently weigh in on the topics posted to this forum.

Mike the Scrapper’s Youtube Channel is another great resource for scrappers. Mike has several videos posted showing the best way to break down some of the most common items brought to scrapyards. Not only does Mike show you how to dismantle the items and what kind of material he finds inside, he also shows the weight and value of each material to help you decide if it is something worth taking apart.

Recycling Today is a monthly publication that is received by many in the industry. Their website features more frequent updates on market conditions, new recycling practices, and mergers and acquisitions. American Metal Market is another trade publication with a lot of information pertaining to the scrap metal business.

While our blog focuses more on what is happening locally and price updates at our yard, there is plenty of information out there to be discovered on the web. Are there any sites you frequent for news on pricing or to get some new ideas to improve the way you scrap? Let us know in the comments section.

Date: 10.09.2012