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November Price Update

The holidays are coming up quick and the month of November has brought some good cheer. Ferrous prices have started this month on the rise. We have raised our sheet iron price to $200 per ton, which is a $20 increase from last month’s price. While this price should hold up for the rest of the month, we highly doubt it will go any higher in the near future, and recommend selling ferrous material this month.

Non Ferrous prices have stayed mostly flat this month. Prices on aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless have been mostly unchanged. There is a lot of uncertainty in the non ferrous markets, and it is anybody’s guess which way these commodity’s prices will move next. While prices are not the highest they have ever been, they are still relatively good and we would not recommend holding on to non ferrous metals waiting for prices to go up, or you could get burned.

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Stay tuned to our blog and facebook to stay informed of our annual customer appreciation cookout and holiday hours. Stay warm and scrap on!

Date: 11.08.2013