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New Michigan Scrap Laws

As you surely know by now, new laws went into effect in the State of Michigan today that govern the way scrap yards can pay their customers for certain items. These new laws will not affect every load brought to the yard, but we would like to explain how they may affect you.

The State of Michigan has designated Copper, Air Conditioners, and Catalytic Convertors as restricted items. If you bring at least $25 worth of restricted items to the yard over the course of a day, the payment for the restricted items must be mailed to you. At our yard we will be mailing a voucher which you can bring back to us and redeem for an ATM ticket. You will still be able to cash an ATM ticket for all of your other items immediately.

Commercial and Industrial accounts are exempt from this new law. If you would like your drivers to be paid immediately for all scrap brought to the yard, we need a letter on your company letterhead with the names of all employees authorized to sell scrap for your company. Once we have this on file, we can set your drivers as exempt and they can cash their ATM tickets for all material brought to the yard immediately.

Date: 07.01.2014