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March Price Update

Scrap prices have started to bounce back over the last few months. After hitting a low of $40/ton we are back up to $60/ton for Sheet Iron. It does not appear there will be any major movements in the price through the summer. We expect it to hold around this level for much of 2016. There may be small jumps up or down month to month, but we do not expect prices to shoot up anytime soon and obviously they cannot go much lower.

Non Ferrous prices have been on the rise as well. Aluminum, Copper and Stainless have all shown strength over the last several weeks and prices on the the scale have gone up. We recommend taking advantage of the recent upswing and selling while the market is up. It is tough to say which way the market will move throughout the rest of the year,  much like steel it will likely not move very much either way.

Date: 03.08.2016