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March Price Update

Sometimes no news is good news. It appears that ferrous scrap prices will be staying flat for the month of March, which is a relief after the tumble prices took in the first two months of 2015. This could be a sign that prices will not drop any further, but the earliest we see steel prices rising again would be May. Our current price on Sheet Iron is $85/ton.

Non Ferrous prices are still looking a little week as we near the end of the slow winter months. While they did not drop as far or as fast as steel prices did, they have been gradually decreasing for several months without much sign of a rebound. We recommend continuing to sell non ferrous scrap as you get it, there are no major spikes in Aluminum, Copper, or Stainless prices on the horizon. Our current prices on Aluminum range from 40-70 cents per pound, Copper is $1.85-$2.05 per pound, and clean Stainless is 40 cents per pound.

And in case you missed it, we are drawing the winner of our Tiger Day Opening tickets raffle on Saturday, March 28th. Every load worth $5o or more brought to our yard through Friday, March 27th earns you an entry into the raffle. The winner will receive 2 tickets to the Tiger’s home opener and $100 spending cash. Get your loads in over the next three weeks for the best chance at winning!

Date: 03.06.2015