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March Price Outlook


There is not expected to be a lot of movement in the scrap metal markets over the next several weeks. We are expecting our Sheet Iron price of $240 per ton to remain unchanged for the month of March and possibly even April. Non-Ferrous prices also seem to have settled in to their current levels for the foreseeable future. Currently, Scrap Aluminum is selling for between 45 and 65 cents per pound, Scrap Copper is $2.70/lb for #2 and $2.80 for #1, Brass is between $1.50 and $1.80 per pound, and clean Stainless Steel is 65 cents per pound.

We would like to remind everybody again the City of Detroit Junk Licenses expire at the end of March. If you have not started the process of getting your 2012 junk license, we suggest you do before the business license department gets too backed up. We will be announcing a program at the beginning of April which will allow our customers to earn reimbursement for their 2012 Junk Licenses, so stay tuned to our blog and our facebook page for details.

Date: 02.27.2012