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January Price Outlook


As we told you last week, scrap steel prices are on the rise to start 2012. Since our last posting we have raised our ferrous prices again, and sheet iron is now selling for $255/ton on our scales. We expect this price to hold up for at least the rest of this month, and it may stay this high through February.

Non-Ferrous prices have not shot up like steel has, but they have held their levels and are still fairly high. We are currently paying between 45 and 60 cents/lb. for aluminum, $2.40-$2.75/lb. for copper, and 55 cents/lb. for clean stainless steel. As always, you can check our complete, up to date pricing list on the Iscrap App website or by downloading the app to your smartphone.

2012 is off to a great start for those of us in the scrap metal recycling business. Bring your scrap down while the price is right.

Date: 01.10.2012