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April Price Outlook


Unfortunately, we are expecting steel prices to drop next month due to a lack of overseas demand. Prices should still stay high however, we do not expect sheet iron to drop more than $20 per ton which will keep it above $200.

Non Ferrous prices seem like they will be hit a little bit harder than Ferrous prices. We expect most of our non ferrous prices to drop 10-20 percent over the next few weeks. If you have been saving loads of copper, aluminum or stainless waiting for prices to rise, we suggest you sell it before they start dropping.

We will keep you informed of price changes as they happen via our blog and facebook page. Remember, our real time price list is always available to you by click the Iscrap app logo at the top right hand corner of our website, or clicking on the word prices anywhere it appears in our blog.

Date: 03.29.2012