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Now Accepting E-Scrap

In addition to buying ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, we have begun buying electronic scrap at Sikora Metals. We are offering competitive prices for computer towers, laptops and cell phones. These items are to be sold in the metals shop along with your non-ferrous scrap.

Currently, computer towers are worth 25 cents per pound. The whole tower must be intact. For cell phones we are paying $1.25/lb or $3.50/lb if the battery has been removed. Laptops are worth 60 cents per pound if they are intact, and 40 cents per pound if the screen is broken. You can keep track of our current prices for e-scrap by visiting our page on the iScrap App.

Please let us know if there are any other e-scrap items you come across regularly. We would love to recycle as much material as possible while giving our customers as many opportunities to make money as possible.

Date: 07.30.2012